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Maurice Oduor & CO Advocates ( The MOCA Law Firm ), Address, Rates, Contacts

Maurice Oduor & CO Advocates ( The MOCA Law Firm ) Contact Details

Phone Number: +254532041161/+254724203961

Email Address: info@mocalawfirm.com

Website: http://www.mocalawfirm.com/

Maurice Oduor & CO Advocates ( The MOCA Law Firm ) Physical and Postal Address

KVDA Plaza, 7th Floor, Oloo Street

P.O. Box 10768, 30100

CBD, Eldoret


About Maurice Oduor & CO Advocates ( The MOCA Law Firm )

MOCA is different. we create a relationshipWe  create,  and  then  nurture  a  relationship  that  enables  to  understand  your  operations  deeply;  hence  craft  appropriately  suited  legal  solutions.    If we  come  when  the  legal  fires  have  been  lit,  i.e.,  a  contract  has  been  breached,  a  trot  has  been  committed,  and  a  suit  has  been  filed,  we  offer interventions that are sensitive to cost overheads.  Ours is to help you resolve the underlying issue. we bill you for actual work doneMost  law  firms  charge  on  the  basis  of  the  alleged  “complexity”  of  a  matter;  which  is  a  very  arbitrary  way  of  costing  legal  services  that  results  in your  being  asked  to  pay  top  dollar.    Our  way  of  dealing  with  this  is  to  either  place  you  on  a  retainer  where  you  pay  us  periodically  but continuously  in  advance.    Alternatively,  we  will  charge  you  on  the  basis  of  the  work  done,  not  the  industry-famous  “complexity  of  the  matter” yardstick.  Either way, you get the best services without any undercutting on our part; (which, might we add, would be illegal)